Stay sharp and take your skills to the next level with Fullstaq’s training sessions. Expect in-depth courses, practical talks, and more. We have first-class cloud-native expertise, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Kubernetes for Developers

Kubernetes for Developers

Already have some hands-on experience with Kubernetes? Then let’s take your skills to the next level with this three-day training course. You’ll learn how to iterate faster and safely by mastering design patterns, deployment strategies, monitoring configuration, and maximizing uptime. And, of course, much more. 


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Kubernetes for Administrators

Kubernetes for Administrators

The four-day training course is designed for those who already have hands-on experience with Kubernetes and want to explore its deepest depths. The Kubernetes for Administrators course covers many topics: deployment strategies, configuration, Pods, Services, and Ingress – just to name a few.

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Two-day training or multiple shorter sessions? Remote, in-house, or in our brand new training room? We’re happy to discuss your specific needs to give you an exact pricing per day. 

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