We train your stack

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We train your stack

Safeguarding knowledge about the used technology within an organization can be challenging. Especially when you are in the process of incorporating new technologies to your stack or having newly hired personnel. We use a modular approach to help you train your personnel to get them up to speed and able to contribute as soon as possible.

How the modules work
Training modules can come in any number of days up till 5.
Where one day would lay down a basic understanding of the foundation, 3 days would be a good beginner and a full 5 days should set you up to hit the ground running.

You can mix and match modules and the amount of days you want spent on them based on how important a specific part of your stack is for the student.

An example of 5 days training:

Day 1: The fundamentals of cloud-native architecture.
Day 2: An introduction to Docker.
Day 3: An introduction to container orchestration using Kubernetes.
Day 4: Continuous integration and delivery with containers.
Day 5: Configuration management using Ansible.

Since we work with a lot of different technology stacks, our list of modules grows continuously.

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