Welcome to the Fullstaq Show ‘n Tell. A webinar series where engineers showcase technology they are working with. An easily accessible presentation with a couple of slides, a demo, and an opportunity to ask questions.

With the release of Airflow 2.0, we had the chance to redeploy our environment. Join us in our journey to setting up a production-ready instance of Airflow 2.0, on Kubernetes, and using the official HELM chart.

In this Show ‘n Tell, our colleague Tim will be sharing his considerations and following choices, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid for topics like CI/CD, running on Kubernetes, handling logging and monitoring, and how to manage secrets and dags for Airflow 2.0.


  • 0:00 – Welcome, introduction, and house rules
  • 0:05 – Tim van de Keer – Production-ready Airflow 2.0 on Kubernetes
  • 0:45 – Q&A


Gerrit Tamboer - circle

Gerrit Tamboer
Webinar host @ Fullstaq

Tim van de Keer - circle

Tim van de Keer
DevOps / Data engineer @ Fullstaq

Fabian Met - circle

Fabian Met
CTO @ Fullstaq